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TINS and SpeedHack

TINS 2010 coming up! / Speedhack 2009

Article #24 by Master Lenman, 28.07.2010, 12:12
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Hey everyone, it's time to wake up! From Friday 3 September 2010, 12:00 GMT to Monday 6 September 2010, 12:00 GMT, another TINS speedhack is coming up! I'm planning on joining, so I thought this was a good moment to activate this page again!
You'll hear from me again in September!
Almost a year after the competition, I've added a project page for the 2009 SpeedHacking Competition. Didn't go too well, but read for yourself ;)
Site & MLSoft News

MLSoft is in standby mode...

Article #23 by Master Lenman, 09.04.2007, 20:06
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I just wanted to tell everyone that there won't be any updates to this site in the near future. I have too many other things to do at the moment and have no time for game-development, although I hope that I will soon.
So long,
Master Lenman
Game News

Tough Terry made it onto the GameStar DVD

Article #22 by Master Lenman, 05.11.2006, 19:18
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I'm very proud to announce that my game Tough Terry was published on the DVD of the German game magazine GameStar, issue 12/06! GameStar is the biggest printed magazine for computer games in Germany, so lots of people will now play my game, which is a huge success for me. :)
Software News

MLRS Released

Article #21 by Master Lenman, 07.09.2006, 21:52
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I'm proud to announce that I finally finished my Web Development tool MLRS!
MLRS stands for Master Lenman's Request Sender and can be used to send HTTP requests with easy ways to edit parameters, cookies and many other things you normally wouldn't be able to edit using a standard web browser.

If you want to find out more about MLRS, visit the Project Page!
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RSS Feed is now availible!

Article #20 by Master Lenman, 18.07.2006, 17:16
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An RSS Feed is now availible to inform you about new things by MLSoft. The Feed URL is:


If you don't know what to do with it, visit the RSS page.

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