This are all download categories that exist at the moment.

NameNewest VersionDescriptionDownload
Tough Terry0.6MLSofts first person shooterGet newest version
Shopping in Hell0.1Unfinished entry to SpeedHack 2009Get newest version
MLRS1.0Master Lenman's Request SenderGet newest version
Wars-Round-based strategy game.-
Mercenary SoldierAlpha 0.6An abandoned 2D ShooterGet newest version
TINS-Our TINS '06 entry named TraIN Shooter-
MLDC0.1Turns your keyboard into a drumkit!Get newest version
Dropdown1.1A minigame from the good old days.Get newest version
Pong Clone1.11A simple clone of the classic.Get newest version
MLSS0.6Master Lenman's Steganography SuiteGet newest version