Master Lenman's Request Sender

MLRS stands for Master Lenman's Request Sender and is a tool that does what its name suggests: It sends HTTP requests to webservers!

But why use a tool if you can just send requests using your web browser? Because MLRS allows you to freely edit parameters, cookies and lots of other things associated with an HTTP request.
Thus, the main audience for MLRS are web developers. It's a nice way to test your applications that include POST forms, because you cannot easily edit data sent via POST with a standard browser.
To reduce the amount of work for you, MLRS offers you to save your form data in templates that will save you a lot of typing while testing your application.

Although it was not the original intention of the program, it is very handy to fill out forms on other websites, especially if there are either hidden values or other restrictions posed by the author of the page. With MLRS, you are free to fill out forms the way you want!


You can download MLRS here: Download MLRS!