Project name:
Master Lenman's Steganography Suite (MLSS)
Project status:
Work in Progress (Maintenance phase)
Start of project:
Probably July 2005
End of project:

Master Lenman's Steganography Suite



Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message; this is in contrast to cryptography, where the existence of the message itself is not disguised, but the meaning is obscured.

About this program

The program was originally created for a presentation on steganography. I have since enhanced it and will keep adding features to it.
Its primary purpose is educational use, so people should use the source code to learn about basic steganographic techniques and for presentations on steganography.

The main intention of this program is to hide any data in images. It currently only supports TGA images, but JPEG and BMP support is planned.
Other programs are nested inside MLSS (well, that's what makes it a "suite"), that can be used to improve the steganographic functions. These are encryption and text compression.
It's written in plain C++, so it should run on any platform that has a console and a C++ compiler (this includes Windows and all kinds of UNIXes).
The makefile provided can be used to compile on non-Windows platforms, a Windows binary is included.

Features currently supported

  • Hide any data inside TGA images (*.tga)
  • Hide any data inside BMP images (*.bmp)
  • Scramble the rest of the image so the visual appearance is not disturbed
  • Encrypt files using Master Lenman's Xor Encryption
  • Compress text files (*.txt) using TCompress

Features planned

  • Support for JPEG (*.jpg) files
  • Support for Audio files (WAV and MP3 or OGG)
  • A GUI based on the .Net framework


Currently, only one package is availibe containing the documentation, the source code and a windows binary. I did not create multiple packages for different platforms or source/binary packages because of the tiny size of the program.

Click here to download the program.