Other Projects

In the "other projects" section I want to pay tribute to some of my projects that are not big enough or important enough to have their own section.
"Other Projects" include very different kinds of projects. There are projects that are completely finished but just weren't good enough, projects that were abandoned for whatever reason and also projects that only exist as an alpha version.
Enjoy looking through this portrait of my past and future work!

Each project page will have an infobox on the top of the page, that will look like this:

Project name:
The name of the project.
Project status:
Can be 'Finished', 'Abandoned', 'Planned' or 'Work in progress (WIP) (see below for more infos)'.
Start of project:
The date the project was started.
End of project:
The date the project was abandoned or finished.

The Work in Progress status has several subcategories. There are projects that are still in Alpha or Beta status, which means that they are still in the main development phase. There are also projects in Maintenance phase, where the main development has ended but where new and independent features will be added in the future. This could also be considered as partly or mostly finished.