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Polecatsoft is no more...

Polecatsoft News
Article #0022 by Master Lenman, created: 07.12.2005, 22:44

Hello my friends,
Since 4th Novembre 2005, 20:49, Polecatsost was closed. It was replaced by MLSoft. The reasons can be read on the MLSoft Homepage,
The content of this page will stay online for reference, but it will not be updated. It was a great time at Polecatsoft, but now it's time to say Goodbye!

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24 hours of Le Merde Website updated

Mini Games News
Article #0021 by Master Lenman, created: 19.09.2005, 16:59
The Speed Hack was a long time ago, so I finally uploaded a website for our game. It can be found here.
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SpeedHack 2005 is over

Mini Games News
Article #0020 by Master Lenman, created: 15.08.2005, 13:33
Hey fans,
Polecatsoft attended the SpeedHack 2005! Master Lenman could only use 9 out of 72 hours because he was on holiday, but he created a complete game anyway.
The SpeedHack homepage is here.
Master Lenman's blog can be found here.
You can grab a binary of our entry, '24 hours of Le Merde', over at the minigames downloads: Go to 24h of Le Merde download.

Also, the Polecatsoft website moved to a new server. We had some downtime, but here we go again!
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Minor Update

Polecatsoft News
Article #0019 by Master Lenman, created: 22.07.2005, 16:23
I updated the Weazards project page. In fact, it did not receive a project page but the download page contains more information now.
Apart from that, I removed the lame MLXE program.

I hope I can release information on my new game soon.
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Pretty Hack - We made it!

Pretty Hack 2005
Article #0018 by Master Lenman, created: 19.06.2005, 17:43
We finally finished our Pretty Hack 2005 entry. Weazards - the wizards of the seasons is now availible for download!
A project page is not yet ready, but there are screenshots on the download page.

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