Pretty Hack 2005

Weazards - The wizards of the seasons

Let's start off with a link to where you can download the game: Download weazards (1.18 MB)

The Pretty Hack, or Effective Visions Speed Hacking Enchantment Festival, was my first SpeedHacking experience ever. I entered together with Deathlord, and we spent almost all of the 48 hours of the competition in my room, designing, programming and making graphics (which still suck, but nvm).
Here is a review by ahuillet on the game, which is called Weazards - The wizards of the seasons:

Weazards is a game in which wizards fight against each other by casting spells. The purpose is to survive as much rounds as possible.

As far as rule conformity is concerned, this game is okay, except that the creators seem to have forgotten the theme of the compo.
There is scrolling text, the seasons are used in a creative manner (I liked the descriptions of each mage), and the data is stored directly within the source code as arrays. However, this is _pretty_hack, and I was unable to find anything really pretty.
The rules state that : "The goal is to create a program designed to be beautiful.".
2/5 for rule conformity, because things were handled rather well, but the main theme was forgotten.

Technically, this entry is very good, because it is polished. The user interface is excellent because it looks simple, yet it is very intuitive.
What else to say ?
The technical part does its work almost perfectly, which makes a 4/5.

Art-related comments are irrelevant since this entry was not supposed to be art.

What about the gameplay ?
The gameplay is far from being awesome : I don't think the game is very fun. 20 minutes of playing and you're done.
However, the attempt is laudable because the game was carefully designed, besides, there is a lot of (for a 48h compo ..) game content, such as the character's descriptions.
For having made a complete game, even if it's not quite entertaining (but could it have been in 48 hours ?), I will give 3/5.

Overall, we've got a game. It is complete, and it is well written. There is still quite an amount of work on the gameplay.
Total 9/15.

The game made a second place in the competition and there were 3 entries submitted total.
You can read the newsposts that were written for the game.
Here is some more information on the game taken from the old site:

The story:
What you know is, that there are 4 seasons. But what you did not know is, that there 2 weazards for each season. These weazards are responsible for the seasons to change. One weazard of each season makes the season begin, the other one makes it end together with the weazard that is responsible for starting the next season.
But wait, the seasons do only change 4 times a year, what do the weazards do when there is no change of seasons? Well, the weazards have free time. Because it is so boring to wait for the next season to begin, the weazards use their time to fight against each other in tournaments in their arena.
The rules are simple, you stay in the arena as long as you are not defeated. The goal is, to stay in the arena as many fights as possible.

Some images:
Ingame screenshot
The character selection screen