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Pong Clone
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08.08.2004, three hours later

I just copied this from the homepage:

Pong Clone

A clone of the famous first computer game. The clone has altered ball physics, which increases the game's fun factor in comparison to the original game.

Version 1.1 adds AI to the game, so you can play alone now. 3 difficulty levels are availible.

The game was made in about 3 hours, what some people might consider quite long for a pong clone, but it was one of my first games.
Another 2 hours were spent on developing an AI. The AI was finished in about 15min, but that was "only" a perfect AI. I made the AI make mistakes, so a normal person can win against it.

In Version 1.11 the background graphic was replaced by drawing routines. Also, the colors used were changed so your eyes won't hurt when playing the game ;).

ingame screenshot