SpeedHack 2005

24h of le Merde

I will start off providing a link where you can download the game: Download 24h olM

I had big plans for this contest, but just a few days before it started I realized that I would not have any time at all during the weekend. In the end, I was able to spend 9 hours to work on the game. I quickly thaught about a simple game design and then coded it the rest of the time.
These were the rules for the competition:

  • Survival - The objective of the game must be to stay alive.
  • Make it a Classic - Resolution of 320x200, maximum of six gray scale colors and only four button joystick emulation.
  • Randomness - Some part of the game must be generated randomly and be different every time you play.
  • Dichotomy - Incorporate opposites into the game.
  • World Map - Implement some type of world map.

The "make it a classic" rule came just right for me, because I would not have to worry about graphics that much. I am not very satisfied with the result of the competition, but what would one expect from 9 hours of work?

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About the game

The game's goal is to survive as long as possible. You win if you survive 24 hours (that's 24 minutes in the game), but that is almost impossible to reach.
There are other cars, mines, stones and robots that will try to destroy your car.

An ingame screenshot