SpeedHack 2009

Shopping in Hell

I will start off providing a link where you can download the game: Download Shopping in Hell
The original progress blog can still be accessed, too!

This Speedhack was much more successful than my first try in 2005. For one thing, I had much more time, and during the second night my friend Gordon helped me with the graphics and some coding.
In the end we had a half-finished game, that sounded much more interesting in theory than it actually played. I am still quite fond of the design though, maybe I'll start a similar project from scratch some day.
Anyway, these were the rules for the competition:

  1. Fantastically Mundane - Take a boring, everyday activity and make it AWESOME!
  2. Dynamic Environment - The game must take place in an environment or setting that can be changed by the player.
  3. Time - The game must have some concept of time.
    (I took advantage of the act of anniversary and used the "Time" rule to replace: Zoom, Zoom! - The game must include a zoom in and out effect.)
  4. Unlockable Content - New content must be made available after you have finished a discrete part (or all) of the game.
  5. Post-Mortem - After each level or game over, the game must include a short post-mortem report about the actions of the player in this play-through.

About the game

First of all let me summarize the story. Leonardo visits his friend Marius to watch a game. Marius's wive Lisa goes out to to the supermarket to stock up on beer, but shortly after that, demons start to appear all over the country. The demon invasion is mainly focused on supermarkets, so Marius and Leonardo go out to save Lisa. While they are at it, they decide to fight the demons and save humankind.

In the following levels, the player collects weapons, food and medicine to prepare for the final battle against the demon army.
Everything you gather in the supermarkets will be used in the final battle, so every person you save will fight with you and will use the weapons you gathered earlier.

This is the concept I especially liked about the game, because you don't just complete one level after the other, you actually prepare for a final fight and almost everything you do in the earlier levels affects the final, epic battle.

The game is far from finished, I sort of concentrated too much on getting the game design and cutscenes right and forgot about the gameplay. So playing the game isn't that interesting, a lot of work would be needed to make everything work properly.
But hey, why don't you just find out yourself? Just download the game, and give it a try!

The graphics, by the way, are almost all collected from various RPG maker sites.


One of the levels
One of the levels. The ammo symbol in the bottom left somehow looks like a ghetto blaster. Oh well...

The final mission
The final mission, an epic battle to save the human race!

One of the cutscenes One of the cutscenes
One of the cutscenes
Some cutscenes. These are shown between missions.

Another supermarket
Another supermarket