Tough Terry

Tough Terry is a simple First Person Shooter, that was created for a Raycasting contest. The contest's goal was to create a game similar to Wolfenstein 3D or Doom.
The game is very simple: Just kill all aliens in a level to proceed to the next one. Different graphic styles (house/jungle), special gadgets like a flashlight or infrared view and masses of enemies make this game fun to play.

The basis for the game was developed in 6 days. Since then, the game's target did not change. I collected the graphics from different free ressources. Changes were made in the usablity (controls), number of levels and fun factor ;). Also, in the original version, which can be downloaded on this page, the special gadgets were not included.


You can download the game here.


Click on any of the thumbnails to view a larger version.

Technical Stuff

The game is a 'Wolfenstein style game', which means that the map does consist of a simple tileset only, where each field is either walkable or not. In contrast to Wolfenstein 3D, there are floor and ceiling textures in the game. The game does require a lot of CPU power, because each horicontal ray has to be calculated separately.

The game is based on the libraries Allegro and AlMP3. This means that it is possible to play the game under Linux, *BSD and Mac if you compile yourself.