Tough Terry Manual

I'm sorry, but this manual is not yet finished. Maybe the first steps section will help you start anyway. There is also a walkthrough for the first few levels contained in the download package.



The source code of the game, including all maps, is released as gift-ware. It was created by Polecatsoft, and is given to you freely as a gift.
You may use, modify and redistribute it, and you do not have to give us anything in return. However, if you like this product you are encouraged to thank us by making a return gift to Polecatsoft.
This could be by providing a useful bug report, creating a map or just sending your positive feedback to us.,

All graphics that are contained in the game may be redistributed at will, but you need to give credit to their creator. See the credits section for information on who you have to give credit for which graphics.

The weapon sounds may be used in the same way as the graphics, so you will have to give credit to Sporb2000 if you want to reuse them. All other sounds that are contained in the game were collected from free ressources all over the web. You do not have to credit anyone to use them.


Tough Terry, our hero, lives on the street for many years now. He used to be a US soldier, but when his wive left him and took his dog and his car, he started drinking and was kicked out of the US Army.
One morning, he is woken up by a very loud noise. As he opens his eyes, he sees aliens flying all around, destroying and killing everything they see. As the aliens seem to come out of a nearby house, Tough Terry grabs his gun and heads into the building.
He will have to hunt and kill all aliens to save the earth. The survival of the human race is now in his hands.

First steps

When you start Tough Terry, you will be inside the house mentioned in the story. You have nothing but your pistol, for which you have unlimited ammo. Let's explain the HUD first: You have your ammunition for the Impact Cannon and the Buzzsaw in the bottom-left corner. In the example below, both values are zero.
The life points left are displayed in a heart in the bottom-right corner. Whenever an enemy touches you, you lose one life point. A heartbeat sound will warn you whenever your health drops as low as 3 points.
The grey circle next to the heart contains your points. You get points for killing enemies, and you need points to get entered into the highscore list. You will also receive ammunition and health points when you have gathered enough points.
The following image shows the HUD as described above:


You can now move around using WASD and your mouse. Shoot everything that moves before it reaches you, because you will loose life whenever an enemy touches you.


Tough Terry 1

A Polecatsoft game

The game was created for the Allegro RayCasting Competition.
It was placed FIRST in the following categories:

  • best 'Wolfenstein' style game
  • best overall design
  • best wholly original
  • most playable
  • best graphics
  • best audio
  • best overall

People involved in the game:

Design and Programming

Lead Designer
Master Lenman

Lead Programmer
Master Lenman


Christopher Buecheler

Rocketboy680 (Enemies 1 & 2)
Cyberatog (Enemy 3)


Menu graphics
Master Lenman



All other sounds