Wars is a round-based strategy game, in a medieval setting. You can only win by using your units and the terrain wisely. 9 different terrain types and 7 units.
This game was inspired by Advance Wars.

The game is for 2 players who play in Hot Seat mode on one Computer. Use infantry units to capture buildings. You need buildings to earn money. As infantry is very weak, you have to defend them using kavallry and artillry. You should really think about every move you make, because you can't win this game without tactics.


www.softgames.de/developia (last update: 29.11.2004)
Wars is on place 4 of the strategy games user rating list, that contains 55 games,
and it's on place 154 of the user rating list for all games and genres, which contains 1189 games!
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Image of the map MicroWar Image of the map 2Fronts


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Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F12 - 1000$
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F11 - Knight
Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F10 - Trebuchet


Game Design - Master Lenman
Programming - Master Lenman
Graphics - Master Lenman
Testing - Deathlord
Mapdesign - See the Map Authors.txt in the maps directory

Thanks to:
Wars, giving me inspiration for this game
Samuel Wilder, for the Advance Wars Calculator
www.Allegro.cc, great community
Lennart Steinke, for his book